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tracking the storm that's moving across california. earlier today, it brought heavy rain for many parts of the bay area. this is video of the rain falling about 1:00 this afternoon. and while we may be in a lull right now, there is more stormy weather on the way! i am in the weather center with jacqueline to get the latest. >> we are not going to be seeing a big swoosh of rain like earlier today. but these spotty showers offshore, that's what we're going to see. [ laughter ] >> exactly where the wet
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weather is going to hit, that's a tricky situation. you can see it offshore right now, satellite and radar, how do have these areas of spotty rain. this spotty cloud pattern. mostly clear skies out there right now. look at all this rain moving through the northern california area, moving into the bay area through the overnight hours and also into tomorrow morning. spotty showers will be what you can expect. and very chilly temperatures! already conditions in the 30s! temperatures near freezing in the bay area tomorrow morning. and a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast pretty much all day friday. reggie kumar is live tonight in mill valley at a park ride which is prone to flooding whenever it rains! >> reporter: the big story out
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here tonight, it's cold! it's 46 degrees here in mill valley tonight. now, the rain that you mentioned has pretty much dried up in the area, but there's still a couple of puddles. you can still see one over there. there's maybe 1 inch of water or so in the parking lot. now, the rain, whenever it rains here, it fixes with the high tide and tends to flood out this entire parking lot. and when car owners come back from a long day of working sometimes they find a couple inches of water inside their vehicles. that has not been the case at this moment because it is dry. but the rain is expected to hit this area i'm told at about 4:00 am. residents should be prepared for rain like earlier today.
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snow blanketing the roadways and the ski resorts. some think this amount of snow may bring it in an early season. with the 3-day weekend coming up, ski resorts are expecting a big crowd by tomorrow. boreal will be for sure whether it will be open saturday. other news, investigators released this composite sketch of one of the men wanted in connection with an attempted kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl in oakland. this is the sketch of the man police say approached the girl from behind on monday afternoon while she was walking on the 1,400-block of 1 zird
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avenue in oakland -- 103rd avenue in oakland >> here is the suspect described by our 14-year-old victim. male, white, tall and thin, blond hair about shoulder-length wearing a baseball hat. >> police have yet to release a sketch of the driver in this incident. he is described much like the first suspect. a caucasian male in his mid to late 20s, tall, thin, 140 to 150 pounds with a goatee and a short brown spiked haircut. both men were seen driving away in a newer model red dodge ram pickup truck. police in walnut creek looking for two suspects who kidnapped a woman last night 7:30 in the evening as the victim left her job. the two men attacked as she walked to her car.
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>> a accosted her, forced her into her own vehicle, put a blindfold on her, and drove her around for several hour, attempted to obtain money from her bank accounts. >> police believe the suspects stopped at eight different atm machines before letting the woman go in the oakland hills. she was found by someone and they called 911. one of two people suspected of killing a retired school teacher in hercules appeared in a bay area courtroom today. 24-year-old darnell washington and his wife, tanya, killed 55-year-old suzie koh. it all happened during a crime spree
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last month. they were arrested days later after they were spotted driving her car. they are facing nine felony counts. fran is preparing to become -- san francisco is preparing to become the first u.s. city to provide and cover the cost for sex-realignment surgery for insured transgender residents. it would create a program to treat transgender people who are experiencing gender identity issues. officials say the new transgender health initiative will be in effect later next year. new tonight at 11:00, firefighters control a major house fire in san francisco's monterey heights neighborhood.
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the call came in about 6:30 this evening. they found a home engulfed in flames. hoses had to be relayed from hydrants as far as 3 blocks away! the cause will take some time to determine. but a lot of construction materials were near the home when the crews arrived. there were no injuries reported. at 11:00, seven members of the secretive navy seal team 6 including one involved in the mission to kill osama bin laden have been punished for disclosing classified information. according to an unnamed official, the seven are being reprimanded for providing information to bay area video game maker, electronic arts. this reportedly happened while they were working as paid consultants on the game, metal of honor war fighters. of the navy issued a statement saying "we do not tolerate deviations
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from the policies which govern when we are and what we do as sailors in the united states navy. four other seals are also under investigation. u.s. officials say two iranian fighter jets fired on a u.s. drone in the persian gulf last week. it was unarmed and in international air space east of kuwait performing surveillance. the drone was not hit, but it raises fresh concerns in the obama administration about iranian aggression in the crucial gulf oil shipping lanes. pregnancy test s for men? how those tests may be capable of detecting a deadly disease. and whether you like it or not, the holiday shopping season is upon us! which stores want to start black friday on thursday. not mon
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no quarterback in bay history has thrown for more yards! he is retiring. and the word on andrew bogut, not so hot. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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truth to online buzz that home pregnancy tests can detect some types of testicullar cancer in men. they work by detecting a certain hormone, and that hormone is produced by the cells of a woman's placenta during pregnancy. but it is also secreted during some cancers. it circulated as a result of a boy who took a pregnancy test as a joke and wound up being diagnosed with cancer. the holiday mail crush is coming soon. so it is announcing what you needed to know about this year's key
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dates. one big date to remember is december 17th. the post office says that will be the busiest mailing day of the year for cards and packages. another important date is december 22nd, and that is the last day to send express mail to make sure it gets delivered on christmas day. if you don't want to brave the crowds. a lot of the postal services are available online. for example, you can print your own labels and buy postage online. when your packages are ready, the postal service says it will come and pick them up for free. >> we're not done with the rain just yet! spotty showers along the coastline. and more rain into tomorrow. how it will impact your morning and evening commute coming up. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait.
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twitter was hacked! users have complained about fake tweets being sent and deleted. twitter has sent e-mails that hook like this to users who were affected. twitter reset their passwords to protect them. now they need those affected to choose a new password when they log in. just change your password to be safe. it's a big day for an provide! the iphone is not the world's most popular
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smart phone! right now, the most popular smart phone in the world is the sam sung galaxy s3. this is based on 3rd quarter reports, so it could all change soon. samsung shipped 18 million galaxy s3 units in the quarter. the korean phone maker will likely have to give it back as apple is expected to sell a ton of smart phones this holiday season. and if you can spare $0.99, the most anticipated mobile game of the year has finally arrived.
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angry birds star wars. the game is available today for idevices, kindle fire, and it's worth every penny. it marries the bird's action from the original with a star wars theme. there are 80 levels and locations such as tattooine, and the big star. and the maker of the game promises free updates that will make the game compelling even arch you beat it. we're already seeing spotty showers returning to the coastline through the north bay and through the peninsula. light rain pushing into san mateo right now. more rain headed toward half moon bay. we'll continue with the showers through the overnight hours. by midnight, heavier rain back to the north bay coastline, and most of the rainfall is riding the coastline into the early morning hours. we're seeing one cell over oakland and hayward that is heavier. possibility of storms through the overnight hour, not just limited to the coastline anymore. it's going
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to continue into the 6:00 hour. out the door tomorrow, you could run into that wet weather, give yourself extra time. rain south of the golden gate, but still spotty at best. we'll keep it that way into the early afternoon. later afternoon hours bring us drier conditions. temperatures are very chilly! already in the 30s in the north bay. 33 in santa rosa, 34 in napa, 36 in half moon bay and 39 in daly city. 56 in livermore, cold conditions through the sierras too because we've got this blast of cold air coming in. it's brought a lot of snow, and we're going to see even more into the early morning hours friday! it'll continue into friday afternoon and decrease into friday evening. your extended forecast, showers and thunderstorms out there tomorrow but spotty at best! cool conditions. as we head into saturday, a very, very cold
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morning! but warming up a little bit in the afternoon, temperatures staying on the cooler side through early next week, and showers possibly returning by tuesday. you won't have to wait until the day after thanksgiving to get black friday deals from sears. the retailer announced that customers can shop online for the store's door-buster black friday discounts starting november 18th! industry analysts say that will put sears first in line to offer black friday deals this year. walmart announced that it would get the discount shopping started just after thanksgiving dinner! doors will open at 6:00 pm at walmart stores on thanksgiving night. and it's not just start times which are competitive. of retailers jump as target, toys r us, and best buy have unveiled price-matching programs designed to bring the customers in early. bad news for the warriors as their big man is forced to
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shut is down for a while at least. gary has details on that. and andrew luck leads the resurgent colts to their fourth straight win. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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good evening, everybody! sure, rookie of the year! but how about some
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mvp votes for andrew luck! one of 30 colt players who shaved their heads to honor their head coach who's battling leukemia. man, this guy it play! luck looking for donny avery, 18-26, 227 yards. because rg3 plays in washington dy, he got a lot of -- dy, he got the early notice, but luck is good! colds win their fourth straight. the jacksonville fans do the bag over their heads. jacksonville is 1-8. 103 plays, this poll is getting a lot of attention. they voted ryan the jets coach
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the most overrated, and now these 103 players say nobody is dirty like that, nobody kicks other players when they're down. suh, no, he's really good. so the coaches will say don't ever do it again, until he does it again. but he's so good you can't get rid of him. no quarterback in bay history, montana and young, ever put up the numbers of sabre cat mark grebe who retired today from arena football at the age of 38. 48,000 yards. 39 hundred completion s. ,900 completions. threw for 922 touchdowns! playing indoor football, yeah, you're not going to get nearly the attention you get from playing in the nfl! but he found something that he liked to do, he's a family-man, didn't want to go to camp and keep trying and trying and make the nfl. so he stayed where he was happy. had a great career and retires at age 38.
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deflating warrior news. andrew bogut reportedly went to the coach and said i can't play like this. my ankles not even 80%. so they decided for the moment to put a number of 7-10 days that he will rest. he's got a surgically repaired left ankle that has not allowed him to get off the floor and be productive. bogut and mark jackson. >> i want to play basketball. i tried -- i tried it out, and i know how it feels on the floor. i feel like i'm a liability out there because i can't read and i can't move the way i'd like to move. >> we'll see the fruits of it down the road. being on the court, guys understanding just how good he is. and like i said all along, we're going to be very patient with him. >> they have no choice. but it is a little sad. you're the new
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warrior owners. momentum going, big deal. brought in bogut, and now we're going to see him in a suit and tie. the a's won 93 games and excited everybody in the postseason. beane is baseball's executive of the year! and buster posey in a vote of coaches and managers, he's the silver slugger award-winner. that means he's the best hitting catcher in the national league. one week from today he should be announced at the national league mvp. both sides in the hockey lockout talking! >> it's better to be meeting and talking than not. you know? and so i expect we'll be meeting again tomorrow. i'm not going to
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characterize it. collective bargaining is a process, and it has peaks and valleys and ebbs and flows >> let's all say a prayer. [ laughter ]
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